Prioritize Better Hearing in the New Year!

Prioritize Better Hearing in the New Year!

2022 is almost here! What do you hope to achieve in the next year? When you think of the new year as a time to start something new, it gives not only you but everyone in your life something to look forward to. However, it is important to remember that all these goals will be much easier to achieve with healthy hearing.

Become Your Advocate

If you are already aware of hearing loss and you are actively treating it, then you are probably enjoying enhanced communication and more awareness of your surroundings. However, it still takes extra effort to communicate with hearing loss. The important thing to remember in this new year is that when you own your hearing loss you can ask for what you need. In the workplace or educational settings, these are called accommodation. Some accommodations could be to ask people to speak slower, facing you so you have a clear view of their face. This will allow you to read lips, body language, and facial expressions along with amplified hearing. You can also ask for technology to help you succeed with added clarity. Many computer programs allow talking to text in real-time to allow you to take notes and read along with conversation which could otherwise be bewildering. To find out more about what is available to you to help you achieve your highest potential in the workplace or school, contact us!

Be Consistent With Your Hearing Aids 

Hearing aids work the best when you wear them every day. Ideally, you should wear them from the moment you wake up till the moment you go to sleep, only to be removed when bathing or swimming. When you wear your hearing aids consistently you can get the most out of them. You can be poised to respond to a question or funny statement at any time and enjoy the connection which we all need in these times. It can be difficult to get used to at first but over time, using hearing aids regularly will make it so you can always be ready to connect and respond.

Set Up a Care Routine

In addition to wearing your hearing aids, you must care for them regularly. These tiny machines do a lot of work, day after day, and they ideally go everywhere you do. We shower regularly and your hearing aids require regular cleanings as well. To keep this task from building up or causing anxiety, add it to your regular bedtime routine. When you wash your face and brush your teeth at the end of the day, make sure to take just a minute or two to wipe down your hearing aids with a dry soft towel. This can remove dust, dirt, or earwax which could have built up during the day. In addition, inspect your hearing aids for any cracks or damage. It’s great when you can catch it before it becomes a costly repair.

Check Your Hearing

Remember that, these big resolutions for major changes can be overwhelming at times if we set our goals too high or don’t focus on the small steps which get us to bigger ones. Start with something small this year and work from that. If you are living with untreated hearing loss the first and biggest step you can do is to schedule a hearing test. This won’t take a lot of time but can help you understand the extent of a hearing loss or if there is any need to move forward with treatment. 

On average, it takes seven years for individuals to seek treatment for hearing loss. If you have been ignoring your hearing loss for years, it’s important to understand that it may also have gotten worse at this time. Hearing loss is a progressive condition, notorious for worsening over time. Getting started on your journey towards better hearing means you’ll be able to better connect to loved ones and feel more empowered to try new things in the next year. Schedule a hearing exam today.